A couple weeks ago, the Inlander published this editorial by Spokane resident John Covert on why Spokane doesn’t need a north-south freeway and how the Washington State Department of Transportation is wasting taxpayer dollars on the NSC.

In this week’s issue, the Inlander printed this rebuttal they received via email from someone going by ‘abdsod1980:’

“Do you even live in Spokane? Have you ever driven north? While I wish they built it with light rail track running down the middle at the same time, but other than that, sorry, there is no argument that this is necessary. You are obviously from Seattle or live in Seattle and know nothing about Spokane, horrible article by the Inlander- totally disappointed.”

Well, abdsod1980, thanks for the sentiment but it’s not just people on the west side who think we don’t need another freeway. You might be surprised how many people in Spokane are against building the NSC, even at this late date when construction has already started. A lot of people feel it will contribute to urban sprawl (even though the sprawl is already there without the freeway) and divide neighborhoods (this is a very real concern that the WSDOT has been working with the Hillyard and a few other neighborhoods to address). Even Spokane City Councilman Richard Rush hasn’t been shy about voicing his displeasure regarding the NSC.

With the announcement of the NSC receiving $35 million in TIGER funds this week, and construction going strong this summer, I see this topic being in the news a lot in the near future.

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