The stereotype about Spokane drivers is that we run red lights, don’t use our turn signals and go slow in the fast lane. But we might not be alone. An analysis of federal data released by a Seattle-area insurance company says, along with our Western Washington neighbors, Washington drivers are some of the worst in the nation. In fact, according to an article in today’s Spokesman-Review, we’re the fifth worst.

QuoteWizard says that Washington’s accident rate jumped from 33rd worst to 14th worst since 2016. Our state went from ninth to fifth worst since 2016, according to the company. Part of the blame for that they put on the influx of transplants to the state. California drivers ranked the worst, followed by Minnesota, Utah and South Carolina.

The rankings are based on Federal Highway Administration data, including averages calculated from the number of accidents, speeding tickets, DUIs, citations and fatalities. In total, it shows a 14 percent increase in car-related deaths since 2015.



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