When I was a kid, I walked to school everyday. It wasn’t far but I have some really good memories of the fun we used to have in those six blocks with my brother and the other neighborhood kids. It was just far enough to run our energy out but not enough time to get in trouble because we were unsupervised.

In recent decades, walking or bicycling to school has dramatically declined. This has been linked to the
childhood obesity epidemic, a big share of morning rush hour traffic, and even
kids’ lack of attention in class. Good news though, a new report by the National Cetner for Safe Routes to School shows that more kids are starting to walk to school again. Bicycling seems to be staying flat however.

So why the change? Are more parents working and not able to drive their kids to school? Are parents not as worried about safety issues in the past? Are buses less available due to economic issues?
The DC Streetsblog looks at the data.

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