A new report out from US PIRG and Frontier Group reinforces several points we’ve been hearing throughout the development of our Horizon 2040 Plan; namely that there’s been a large (23%) decrease in the number of young people driving, traffic congestion has fallen, America is less dependent on oil than in the past and that it’s time to revisit existing plan for new or expanded highways.

US PIRG (U.S. Public Interest Research Group) is a consumer group that consideres itself an independent voice for consumers. Frontier Group is a think tank, producing ideas and research to- quote- “promote a cleaner environment and a fairer and more democratic society.”

The two groups collaborated on the report “A New Direction: Our Changing Relationship with Driving and the Implications for America’s Future.” The report explores different possible futures and their high-stakes ramifications for transportation policy in the United States. You can read it here.

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