New City of Spokane intersection safety cameras will begin taking photos of red-light runners at several new intersections tomorrow at 8:00am. During the 30-day warning period, the photo enforcement cameras will capture still images and video of red-light running violations. A warning notice will be issued to the vehicle’s owner. There is no fine for this warning notice. At the completion of the warning period, July 31st, citations will be issued.

The new photo enforcement cameras will be located at the following intersections:

• Second Ave. westbound at Walnut St.
• Maple St. southbound at 2nd Ave.
• Browne St. southbound at 3rd Ave.

Spokane already has seven intersections with cameras that have been up and running since 2008. Since that time, they’ve captured over 23,000 red light runners. It’s important to note that the warning period is only for the new intersections. The original photo enforcement cameras will continue to issue citations to red-light runners and are located at the following intersections:

• Browne St. southbound at Sprague Ave.
• Hamilton St. northbound at Mission Ave.
• Division St. north and southbound at Francis Ave.
• Wellesley Ave. eastbound at Ash St.
• Freya St. northbound at 3rd Ave.
• Thor St. and 2nd Ave. both westbound and southbound
• Division St. northbound at Sprague Ave.

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