Spokane County Public Works has just reported the following new road closures from washouts:

Burnett Road from Dover Rd (north) to Dover Rd (south)- Flooding with deep water
Crestview Road from Cedar Rd to Viewmont Rd.- Impassable due to deep mud
Burnett Road from Four Mound Rd east to Dover Rd (north)- Impassable due to deep mud
Harvard Branch Road east of Harvard Rd (north of Stoughton Rd)- Deep water across the road and several washouts
Graham Road from Salnave Rd south to Baker R- Water across road/impassable mud
Antler Road
from Cedar Rd to Austin Rd-
Road impassable due to mud

A complete list of closures is on the Spokane County website at http://www.spokanecounty.org/3770/Emergency-Road-Closures.

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