A warning for you Centennial Trail users during these last warm days of the season. I just received an email from a friend who does work at the dam on Upriver Drive and the subject line was ‘Full Moon at 3pm Today.’

Here’s her email:

So I was doing my monthly inspection at the dam today and I got to see a FULL MOON. A man was nude sunbathing on the north embankment. Thank goodness he was face down!!

This was along the Centennial Trail where people can access the north side of the dam via the trail.

The coast should be clear for those of you who use the trail in that area though; the police were called to escort the sunworshipper into his clothes and out of the area. And by the way, the picture above isn’t an actual picture of the perpetrator. More what I imagine he’d look like, from the horrified tone of my friends’ email.

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