Construction of a multi-lane roundabout on US 2 just west of Airway Heights is nearly complete. The new facility is the first multi-lane roundabout in the Spokane metro area and there are a few tips to keep in mind when traversing it:

• Slow down and select the correct lane before entering the roundabout.
• Yield to traffic already in the roundabout. Wait for a gap, then enter the correct lane.
• Use turn signals when exiting the roundabout. Drivers exiting from the left lane should be aware of other vehicles in the right lane and use caution.
• Yield to any pedestrians that may be crossing the road when exiting the roundabout.

Remember, as you enter the roundabout:
• Right lane: for a right turn or going straight.
• Left lane: for a left turn, going straight, or U-turn.

The roundabout will provide access to the Spokane Tribe of Indians casino and commercial development just to the west of the Craig Road intersection. The project is fully funded by the Spokane Tribe.

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