Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Mayor should flex muscle

Thank You to Jody Cramsie for her letter of Jan. 16 (“A better snow plan”). Your suggestions are wonderful. Here are two more. First, use dump trucks to pick up snow berms from the middle of downtown streets and dump it into the river. Secondly, can city vehicles be modified to accommodate plow blades? If so, the blades could be available to put on when needed, doubling the plowing force.

We elected a strong mayor in Spokane, and I’d sure like to start seeing some muscle. Designate days for north/south and east/west streets. If someone is parked on streets where plowing is scheduled, either tow them away or fine the owners. The added revenue will help offset the cost of plow blades.
When sidewalks need shoveling, get out there and shovel them if you’re able. Be a good neighbor and shovel your elderly neighbor’s sidewalk also. Martin Nelson (“Spokane man clearing sidewalks,” Janm. 16) set a beautiful example by shoveling sidewalks for four city blocks downtown just to help keep pedestrians safe.
Although this winter broke all kinds of records, winter happens every year and a large snowfall should never be a surprise.

Wendy Boggs

I cringed when I read Ms. Boggs’ suggestion to dump snow from downtown snow berms into the river. I couldn’t tell you the exact laws or ordinances this would violate, but with all the rules in place to protect our water quality and control the total maximum daily load of phosphates into the river, I’m pretty sure that would be considered polluting the river. Not only does that snow have dirt and rocks in it, but also deicing chemicals, gas, and oil.

As for designating north/south and east/west days to plow, that’s already done in the neighborhoods with narrow roads. The other areas are all done based on priority.

Ms. Boggs doesn’t specify what kind of City vehicles she recommends putting plows on. When I worked for the City, I drove either a Toyota Prius or a really old Crown Vic. It was almost big enough for a plow…

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