Everyone’s favorite subject is back; that’s right, Spokane’s City Council is talking red light cameras again and voted unanimously last night to add them to four more intersections.

Cameras will enforce the southbound approach at Thor Street and Second Avenue, southbound approach at Browne Street and Third Avenue, southbound approach at Maple Street and Second Avenue and the westbound approach at Second Avenue and Walnut Street.

And that’s where the meeting got weird. Apparently a citizen who attends City Council meetings regularly spoke, saying the city’s main reason for more of the red light cameras is to increase its revenue.

Council President Joe Shogan apparently took offense at this, called the meeting to a halt, then returned with Spokane Police statistics showing a decline of accidents at some intersections in the second year of the Photo Red program.

And the best part from our elected leader: he told the citizen, “You’re frickin’ wrong,” after presenting the police statistics.

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