I complain about this to co-workers almost every Monday, so I thought I might as well make my complaint public today. Most Mondays I walk to work from the STA Plaza. This involves walking about six blocks down Sprague Avenue. Most Mondays without fail there is a mess of debris in front of both Jimmy’Z bar and the old Ridpath Hotel (which now has a nightclub inside but no hotel ammenities). This includes piles of vomit, puddles that look and smell like urine, occasional condoms, all kinds of litter, cigarette butts, and today a rubber surgical glove.

I bring this up because it’s gross for pedestrians to have to walk past, and with summer here, we’re going to have a lot more tourists in town on Monday mornings who might not be impressed with our city after seeing that mess. I’m going to write an angry letter to Jimmy’Z and the current Ridpath ownership. I’ll let you know if I get any response.

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