Take this flag and triple the length and
still wouldn’t be as long as this guy
is asking for.

Remember that bike with the sweet banana seat and flag you used to have as a kid? A lightweight flag that was- what?- maybe four or five feet tall at the most?

Well a Missouri State Rep wants people to ride with the adult equivalent of that flag- a 15 foot tall pole with an orange flag at the top. Yes, 15 feet!

Citylab says State Representative Jay Houghton (R) is pushing a bill that would require cyclists to carry these rods for “safety” reasons, although who’s safety isn’t specified.

Seems to me this pole could cause some safety issues of it’s own: throwing off a rider’s balance and catching low-hanging branches, bridges and wires. If you’re wondering if maybe Mr. Houghton has something against cyclists, he did co-sponsor a bill in 2013 that would prohibit riders from using state roads when there is state-owned bicycle path or trail that runs generally parallel to and within two miles of the thoroughfare. Luckily it didn’t pass.

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