I have realized lately that I really don’t like to fly anymore. All that getting up at the crack of dawn; hustling through TSA lines and practically disrobing, then trying to get dressed again without holding up people in line behind you; running to catch connecting flights with tight layover times and spending hours in airports or trying to find gates in giant airports (did you know that United has 95 gates in the Denver airport? Yes, 95!) can stress you out.

What to do to relieve that stress? Yell at the kids? Spend your layover in the airport bar? Well if you spend anytime at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport, you can spend your down time playing with miniature horses. Twice a month, Denver and Ruby, two of 34 therapy horses at Seven Oaks Farm in southwest Ohio, visit the ticketing area and help relieve the tensions of travelers.

Passengers are encouraged to pet the horses, have pictures taken with them or just talk to them. Some people even call the airport to find out when the horses will be there and schedule their flights around their appearances.

More than 30 airports across the U.S. now have therapy dogs but Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky is the only one with therapy horses.

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