The five transition teams assembled by Mayor David Condon reported to him yesterday on their ideas to move the City forward. In regards to transportation, the infrastructure team recommended the city maintain the vehicle tab tax that was instituted last year, despite Condon criticizing it during his campaign for Mayor.

This Spokesman-Review article summarizes the presentations made to Mr. Condon or you can view the video of the presentation on the City Cable 5 website.

One of the reporters from the Inlander was ‘live tweeting’ the presentation and sent out this message: Econ development director suggests we clean up Spokane’s gateways as opposed to presenting a ‘tired, beaten up community.

This idea has come up at SRTC Board meetings in the past several months as well. So we’ve been thinking about it around here. If you were to spruce up a ‘gateway’ to the City, such as the westbound I-90 exit at Division or a similar area, what would you include? Welcome signs? Wayfinding signage? Statues? Water features? Vegetation? Other?

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