For more information on all the projects below, and to see them in relation to each 
other on a map, check out SRTC’s 2015 Spokane Regional Construction Map here. The map is updated as new projects start and existing ones wrap up.

You may notice that projects underway now are more prominent while ones that will start later this construction season are more in the background.


I90 and SR 904 Congestion- On Saturday, October 31, drivers on
I90 between Spokane and Four Lakes, plus SR 904 from Four Lakes to Cheney, should expect congestion as fans travel to and from the EWU Eagle football
game. Game time is 12:05 p.m.

US 195 and SR 27 Congestion- On Saturday, October 31, expect congestion on US 195 and SR 27 between Spokane and Pullman, plus SR
26 between Vantage and Colfax, as fans travel to and from the WSU Cougar
football game.  Game time is 7:30 p.m.
US 195-Southbound/I-90 to Excelsior Road- Work to rehabilitate pavement is wrapping up with
possible lane and/or shoulder restrictions for final items.  The 55 MPH speed limit has been restored.
Elliot Road Culvert Replacement– Highway 206 in the vicinity of Elliot Road is reduced to one lane to replace asphalt on Tuesday, Nov. 3.

Ladd Road Construction– Under construction half a mile north of Thorpe Road. Watch for flaggers in the area.


Dishamn-Mica from 8th to Appleway- Southbound lane reductions with signs
and flaggers starting Monday, November 2 until Wednesday, November 4 from
7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Sullivan Road Bridge Replacement Project Area- The southbound
Sullivan Road Bridge across the Spokane River is closed until Summer 2016 for
bridge demolition and replacement work. 
Traffic remains reduced to one lane northbound and two lanes southbound. Expect reductions at
times to one lane southbound Monday through Friday between 5 a.m. and 2:30
p.mTurns from Indiana onto
northbound Sullivan are reduced to one lane.


Addison/Standard Bicycle/Pedestrian Corridor from Buckeye to Holland- Work
to install sidewalks and driveways is underway on Lincoln and Standard heading north to Magnesium. Traffic control is in place with possible lane restrictions. This
project will
add new bike lanes and sidewalks along the entire corridor and make
improvements to existing bike lanes.

Community Development Sidewalks- Crews are working on Southeast Boulevard from Rockwood Boulevard to 27th
Avenue to remove and reconstruct curbs, sidewalks and ADA ramps.  Traffic control is in place during the day.

Hartson Avenue from Altamont Street to Fiske Street–  Hartson is closed. It is expected to be paved November 2 and will tentatively open from Fiske to Smith Street November 5. Smith to Altamont will
finish spring 2016. This
project includes roadway reconstruction, filling sidewalk
gaps, replacing curbing where needed and installing ADA curb ramps. 

Havana Street from Glenrose Road to 37th Avenue- Paving continues on Havana. Bike lane striping and a few other items are expected to be completed in spring 2016. Improvements
include full width pavement replacement, filling sidewalk gaps and installation of a water transmission main between 37th
Avenue and the Brown Park reservoirs at 57th Avenue.

High Drive and Hatch Road-  43rd
Avenue from Scott to Garfield Street is closed. This
project will construct a sewer overflow basin at 43rd
Avenue and Garfield Street. 

Monroe/Lincoln Street Couplet, 4th Avenue to 2nd Avenue-  4th
Avenue is open with one-lane access between Jefferson Street and Lincoln Street. The
Lincoln Street work northbound has switched over with the east side lanes being
closed for work at this time from 2nd to 4th
Avenues.  Monroe Street work southbound continues along the east side from
2nd to 4th Avenues. The
project includes reconstruction of the street from 2nd to 4th avenues, including ADA ramps as needed.
Indiana Lane Closure- Inland Asphalt will close the northern lane on west bound
Indiana at Washington on 10/30 and 11/7 to grade and pave a parking lot.

Division Street Lane Closures- The left two lanes at Division
on 3rd will be closed from 10/27 to 10/30 for a water connection. 
Northwest Boulevard and Columbia Circle- 
from Downriver Drive to H Street and H Street from Columbia to Northwest Blvd. is closed to install a sewer overflow tank. New water
mains will be added at H Street, Glass Avenue and Columbia Circle. Columbia Circle, H
Street and Glass Avenue will be repaved and sidewalk repairs made in
select areas.

       Ray/Thor Street from 17th to 29th Avenues- Ray Street will tentatively be paved November 2 and is scheduled to open November 10. Until then, Ray
is reduced to one lane in both directions on the west
half of the street with work being done on the east half. No left turns are permitted. Thor Street from 26th to 29th is closed to traffic. Improvements
include preservation treatments like crack sealing and grind
and overlay. Pedestrian improvements
include upgrades to ADA curb ramps and curb and sidewalk repairs.
Rowan Avenue from Driscoll Boulevard to Alberta Street- The
portion of this project from Driscoll Boulevard to Fotheringham will be
completed in spring of 2016.  Rowan will reopen in early
November. This
project is for reconstruction work from Driscoll Blvd. to Monroe Street. The
project also includes installation of bike lanes, filling sidewalk gaps and
replacing water lines.
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