US 2-Division Street/Ruby Street-
Sidewalk work. Be alert for lane restrictions from 6 p.m. until 6 a.m., weeknights on Division and Ruby between Olive Street and Euclid.

I-90/Division Street to Altamont Street- Repair bridge joints and bridge approach concrete slabs. Eastbound I-90 is reduced to two lanes at the 3rd Ave Bridge. The Altamont eastbound off-ramp is closed until June 23rd.  The eastbound Altamont on-ramp will also be closed Monday through Friday from 3:00pm to 7:30pm during this time period.  If weather cooperates with no rain, starting the evening of June 1st  the eastbound Maple/Walnut Street On-ramp will be closed for 10 days.  During this time motorists will be directed along 4th Ave. to the Monroe Street On-ramp.  Along with that closure, barrier will be installed to reduce eastbound I-90 in the vicinity of Walnut Street to Altamont to two through lanes.  Eastbound drivers should expect slow traffic, congestion, and delays.

I-90 Eastbound/Liberty Lake Interchange (MP 281-282)- Liberty Lake Road restoration. Be alert for congestion and delays at the I-90 eastbound on and off ramps, Appleway, and Liberty Lake Road intersection.  Work hours are 7 p.m. to 5 a.m.

NSC-US 395/Spokane River to Francis- Curb & sidewalk work on city streets that are immediately adjacent to the North Spokane Corridor right of way.  Drainage work is also included. Market Street may be reduced to one lane in each direction near Columbia Ave. for sidewalk and island work.  Paving work will close Liberty Street between Market and Ralph.

US 395/Little Spokane River Bridge Joint Replacement- Expansion joint replacement. Beginning Sunday, June 4 at 11 p.m, crews will set up construction signage and temporary barrier in both the southbound and northbound directions. Traffic will be reduced to one lane each direction for this work and remain one-lane for 13 days while crews work to repair the expansion joint on the north end of the old bridge.

Appleway Trail- Pines to Evergreen-
Construction of a pedestrian trail. Possible single lane closures for both northbound and southbound directions on Pines Rd. Possible shoulder closures for northbound and southbound directions on McDonald Rd. McDonald may be narrowed down to a one lane road during working hours. Possible Blake Rd. closure between Sprague and 3rd Ave.

Buckeye Ave. between McMillan and the City Limits- Road/sewer project. Full road closure from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. through June 5.

Euclid Ave. between Flora Rd. and Barker Rd.- Road/sewer project. Full round-the-clock road closure between Flora and Tschirley roads through early July.

Flora Rd. between Euclid Ave. (West) and Euclid Ave. (East) Road/sewer project. Full round-the-clock road closure through early July.

Indiana Ave. between Mirabeau Parkway and Evergreen Rd.- Road project. Traffic reduced to one lane in each direction from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. through September.

37th Avenue, Regal Street to Custer Street-
37th Avenue is closed between Freya Street and Ray Street; both of the intersections remain open. This work is to reconstruct the road, include pavement replacement, curbs, sidewalk, bike lanes, stormwater piping, and a 36 inch water main.

ADA Ramp Project, Citywide- Work is underway in the Wellesley and Assembly area and 37th and Lindeke to bring ADA ramps up to standard.

Adams Street Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) 24 Project- Phase 2 construction is underway. Work includes water main relocation in 1st Avenue along with Shoring and Excavation for the future CSO tank. Adams Street between 1st and Sprague Avenue is reduced to one lane on the east side of the road. 1st Avenue is reduced to one lane eastbound in the furthest south lane. Sprague Avenue is reduced to one lane westbound in the furthest north lane. Starting Thursday, June 8, Sprague Avenue will be closed to all westbound traffic. Westbound Riverside Avenue is closed and detoured to Sprague Avenue at Jefferson Street. On Thursday, June 8, westbound Riverside will reopen to traffic and serve as a detour route for the Sprague Ave. closure. Eastbound Riverside will remain closed from Cedar to Jefferson Street. This project will construct a 2.4 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping for our Cleaner River Faster Program.

Bridge Avenue and Monroe Street CSO Work- This project will construct a Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO) tank and piping for our Cleaner River Faster Program. Lincoln has one northbound lane open.  Lincoln southbound is closed at Broadway. Summit Blvd./Bridge Avenue is closed to traffic.

Downtown Bicycle Network Phase III- Phase 3 of the Downtown Bike Network starts Monday, June 5. Expect lane restrictions at Sprague/Riverside Avenue from Bernard to Maple Street and 1st Avenue from Walnut to Bernard Street.

Division Street Gateway Project, 3rd Avenue to Spokane Falls Boulevard- Phase 2 of construction has started. This phase includes lane closures along the west curb lines from 3rd Avenue to Sprague Avenue on both Division and Browne Street. This project includes electrical conduit replacement, stormwater updates, asphalt patching, curb and sidewalk replacement and landscaping.

Street Maintenance Grind and Overlay Work- Work continues on Thor/Freya from Sprague to 11th Avenue. Expect delays. Grinding continues on Freya/Thor southbound from Sprague to 2nd Avenue. Traffic control is in place. Lane restrictions will be in place 140 feet North of Sprague on Freya shifting traffic to one lane until 1st Ave (at which point the road widens to 3 lanes (2 usable by traffic). During peak hours grind/inlay work zone will be held to East Pacific Ave to facilitate the flow of traffic coming off of I90 and to facilitate right hand turns onto 2nd Ave for access to I90. East bound Sprague Ave will experience temporary lane closures to support grinding and paving operations.

Hayford Force Main Replacement/West Plains Chlorine Injection Station- This project includes replacing a PVC pipe with 8 an iron pipe and construction of a chlorine injection station. Construction has closed Hallett Road between Thomas Mallen Road and Westbow Road. A detour is in place.

Liberty Park Combined Sewer Overflow Tank 33-1- Work continues with traffic impacts on 5th Ave. from Arthur to Perry and Denver and Celesta.This work is to construct a 2 million gallon Combined Sewer Overflow Tank that is part of the “It’s all about the River” program to keep our greatest asset, our river, clean.

Martin Luther Kind Jr. Way, Phase 2A, Sherman to Erie Streets- Phase 2A is an extension of Martin Luther King Jr. Way from Sherman to Erie Street. This is a continuation of the Riverside Extension Phase 1 project. This project will provide an efficient transportation route that eliminates several safety issues and increases capacity into and out of the downtown area  along the south edge of the University District. These improvements include a new asphalt street, utility infrastructure, storm drainage improvements, street lighting and street trees. In lieu of sidewalks, the project proposes to construct a section of the Ben Burr trail to provide pedestrian circulation.

Monroe and Lincoln Street, Main Avenue to 2nd Avenue- During the week of June 5–9 crews are planning on repairing an irrigation line. This work is dependent on dry weather. Crews will be working on the west side of Monroe Street just south of Riverside Avenue with occasional Monroe west lane closures. Top lift paving is scheduled for mid-summer. Avista is working on the east lane of Lincoln Street from 2nd Avenue to Sprague Avenue at approximately 15 separate locations.

This is a full depth roadway replacement and full depth replacement between curbs on Lincoln Street and Monroe Street; Main Avenue from Monroe Street to Lincoln Street; and Monroe Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main Avenue. Some minor curbing and ADA curb ramps will be installed where necessary.

Spokane Falls Boulevard Combined Sewer Overflow Tank (CSO 26) Project- Significant downtown traffic changes on Spokane Falls Boulevard and Lincoln Street have started to accommodate construction of a 2.2 million-gallon concrete CSO tank across from the Downtown Library. Spokane Falls Boulevard from Lincoln to Monroe is closed to traffic. Lincoln Street from Spokane Falls Boulevard to Main is open with traffic redirected southbound. Lincoln is the detour route for traffic coming from the River Park Square garage and Spokane Falls Boulevard.  Lincoln has two lanes of traffic, and drivers will be required to go east or west at Main Avenue.

Excavation will continue to get ready for installation of the bypass retaining wall on the hill side. Crews have poured the base slab and will pour the walls this week for a cast in place temporary concrete bypass structure on the east end of the project. This structure will be the main bypass during the CSO 26 tank construction. Malcolm drilling will continue drilling pile for shoring walls throughout the project.

Sprague Avenue, Helena Street to Stone Street- Work on Phase I of this project, Sprague Avenue between Altamont to Napa is expected to complete in mid-July. In an effort, to accelerate the completion of this project Phase II of construction has begun. Phase II of this project spans Sprague Avenue just west of Napa to just west of Helena. Sprague Avenue from Altamont Street to just west of Helena is closed. Work for this project includes a full street reconstruction, partial sidewalk replacement, bumpouts, landscaping and pedestrian lighting.

Upriver Drive Combined Sewer Overflow Tank, CSO 41- Upriver Drive is now open from west of Freya to east of Rebecca.  Rebecca remains closed to from Upriver Drive to south of Ermina for work on the CSO Tank. A detour is in place for the Centennial Trail.

Market Street, Houston to Lincoln
– Installing Curb,sidewalk, ramps, catch basins, drywells, swales, sewer pipe, and repair and replace asphalt. Closed in both directions.

Monroe Street Swales in the vicinity of Country Homes Blvd-Cedar & Excel)- Repair and repave asphalt and install curb, sidewalk, catch basins, drywells, sewer pipe. Some delays when entering the roadway. Possible lane closures. Flaggers will be on site.

Ritchey Road Bridge Replacement- Removal of the existing bridge & replace with new structure. Road closed from Bannock Avenue to US 2. A detour is in place.

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