Futurwise, a statewide smart growth organization, sent out a news release today saying an unlikely coalition of environmentalists, businesses, and labor unions are coalescing around a set of principles to guide the future of transportation funding and policy in Washington State.

Transportation for Washington is a statewide, multi-year campaign led by Futurewise and the Transportation Choices Coalition, partnering with more than 65 other groups, businesses, and public officials to set a new vision for transportation.

The Transportation for Washington campaign has laid out three core principles to reform state transportation policy and funding.

• Prioritize fixing broken infrastructure to save lives.
• Expand transit choices.
• Build great, healthy communities.

In Spokane, Futurwise says the following public officials have endorsed the three principles:

• Andy Billig, Representative for Legislative District 3
• Lisa Brown, Senator for Legislative District 3
• Tim Ormsby, Representative for Legislative District 3
• Gail Prosser, Spokane City Planning Commissioner
• Richard Rush, Spokane City Councilmember
• Jon Snyder, Spokane City Councilmember
• Mary Verner, City of Spokane Mayor
• Amber Walderf, Spokane City Councilmember

I’ll be watching this campaign and keep you updated.

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