Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Enforce parking laws

Regarding the Jan. 23 article “City faces slippery, uphill battle” about the problems of parked cars on the streets in the way of snowplows. There should be a year-round enforcement. Spokane is a city of junk cars on the streets.

In my neighborhood, there are dozens of cars that haven’t been driven or moved in months. I sent two emails to our former mayor about this, suggesting that enforcing the laws already on the books might generate revenue to pay for sweeping the streets more than once a year. By mid-September, my neighborhood had not been swept, leaving gravel on the street from the previous winter. She didn’t bother to respond, so I responded by not voting for her.

I’ve been in cities that strictly enforce parking rules. My mother’s neighborhood in Fountain Valley, Calif., has signs saying when the streets are swept, and parked cars will be ticketed. I saw a cop car behind the sweeper. Cars are ticketed facing the wrong direction. Maybe we should enforce our parking laws, and raise some revenue too.

Richard Trerise

A good idea or overkill in your opinion?

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