Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Even out the plowing

Everyone is struggling with driving at this time — and the plows are not much help. I am on my third try with chains and I don’t mean cheap ones.
More than one source has confirmed what I thought to be the problem. Why are some streets, Division, Ash, etc., gone over and over to the point of being perfectly clear while side streets are left barely passable? They brag that the main arterials are clear so people can get around.
Right. Are we supposed to have our vehicles towed from the ignored streets to those taking priority? That’s the dilemma they’re causing, because chains are not made for bare pavement, and that’s what we have to contend with.
When the storms attack to the max, please take the time to keep all streets the way the side streets look when they’re finally reached. Chains will then serve their purpose!

Pam Billington

What’s your thoughts? It’s important to have the arterials clear, but do you feel they were kept too clear, at the expense to side streets?

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