Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Plaza Project is Stupid

Estimates to build the Spokane Transit Authority Plaza were $8 million to $12 million. Final cost: $26 million. Current plaza value: less than $3 million. Now, the STA board would remodel the joint for $4.7 million. These unacceptable numbers make me scramble for two Aleve, or a strong beverage. 

Like others when it was to be built, I had envisioned buses being boarded inside this palace to keep riders out of the heat and cold. Benches were not provided for riders. Spokane County Commissioner Steve Hasson brought down some benches. The Spokane City Council argued whether to buy cement benches made by the prisoners in Airway Heights for $200. How comfy on one’s butt come winter.
The STA board and Spokane City Council didn’t want people hanging out in front of the plaza? Easy guess: yes!

I don’t give a rip about the placement of cougars or waterfalls. Spending $4.7 million on a structure worth less than $3 million is plain economic stupidity.

The STA board members need their noggins examined. Also requiring some mental treatment are the light rail and University District foot bridge proponents.

There was a group in Spokane called “Priorities First.” Their name reflects a refreshing way to spend tax money.

Jock Swanstrom
Spokane Valley

Mr. Swanstrom isn’t the only person I’ve heard express this opinion. But then again, I’ve also heard from people who are excited about it because they don’t use the Plaza currently because of concerns about some of the clientele. What’s your thoughts on the subject?
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