Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor
Hands off studded tires

Not all of us can afford your gas-guzzling SUVs and four-wheel drive vehicles. Or expensive all-weather tires. Studded tires give me more confidence when driving in snow. They aren’t only good for icy conditions. They are a great help in deep snow. Don’t try to tell me they’re not. I’ve driven a lot more years than you have with and without studded tires.

My tax dollars pay for the roads too, and I say leave the studded tires alone. And don’t try assessing me a fee. I have a right to use them. Get all the 18-wheelers and huge trucks carrying heavy equipment off the roads first. You can’t convince me they aren’t causing damage to the roads.

And if the DOT would use better material fixing potholes, they might actually stay fixed. The two to three months studded tires are on isn’t what is causing the damage to our streets. So leave us alone. Studded tires provide a peace of mind for those of us who don’t exactly love driving in snow.
Carolyn Jacobsen

Is Ms. Jacobsen a little protective of her studded tires or is it just me? She has a point about 18 wheelers causing damage, as do buses, but we can’t just take them off the roads. How would we get groceries to the stores, or gas to the gas stations and oil to the homes of people who heat with it? We can’t get by without trucks delivering the goods we need but we can make it without studs.

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