Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Trickle-down clunkers?

If the government was really serious about getting clunker cars off the road they would now have a lottery and let people with the real clunkers have a shot at trading in their car outright for one of the pretty decent cars that are now slated to be destroyed.

The reality is that the people driving the real clunkers weren’t out last weekend buying brand new cars, because they couldn’t afford it even if you gave them $4,500. Why not trade the poor person’s junker for someone else’s “not-so-clunker”?

Karen Szakonyi
Newman Lake

I know we’ve talked about this recently, but I thought Ms. Szakonyi has a point about the people who really need efficient cars not being able to afford them. $4,500 doesn’t make a big difference when you’re making monthly payments on a $20,000 car.

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