Run buses longer
Spokesman-Review Letters to the Editor

In many places, buses run until midnight or later. However, here in Spokane, the buses barely run, even on weekends when they are so desperately needed. By not having them run more, not only do people have to drive their cars when they could use public transportation, which saves gas, money, and the environment, but people don’t have the choice to ride buses after they have spent a night drinking, which is dangerous to everyone.

Sure, they could take a taxi, but many people don’t have the money to afford a taxi, so they end up deciding to risk it and drive drunk. This might be dangerous for the driver, but it also puts innocent people at risk of getting hurt or even killed.

Luckily there is a way we can save lives in Spokane and help the environment. All Spokane needs to do is make the buses run longer. Maybe they would run less at night, but they should run so people will have the option of taking them. By doing this Spokane will become less polluted and lives will be saved. Everyone should write a letter to the Spokane Transit Authority asking them to run their buses longer.

Rachel Hanville

In an ideal world, the buses would run longer, but in the world we live in, there’s a major problem with the economy, meaning Spokane Transit can’t afford to run buses all hours. As for not having bus service at night contributing to drunk driving incidents, I think we all know that it’s a choice you make to drive drunk.

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