Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Thanks for Plowing

I, too, would like to thank our city for a job well-done in keeping our streets plowed. Yesterday the dear retired man on the corner snow-blew our entire block, leaving the sidewalk from one corner to the next snow-free. I so looked forward to my walk to the bus-stop this morning thanks to his efforts (yes, there really are pedestrians in this town).

Sometime during the night, though, the city plows threw all the dirty snow from the streets right back at us, leaving knee-deep filthy mounds all along the sidewalk that our neighbor had just cleaned up for us.

Once again I was forced to walk down the middle of the street. Have you ever walked down Wall, Queen and Monroe (main arterials) during rush hour traffic? What an exhilarating challenge! Your city plow drivers might be inconsiderate brutes, but, yes, Spokane, you’re doing a wonderful job keeping the streets clean of snow. Kudos!

Nadine Yingst Joubert

Well this letter to the editor certainly has a little of everything. The bad thing is that I can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic or not. She praises Spokane for keeping the roads clear, yet calls our city plow drivers ‘inconsiderate brutes.’ Hmmm… I tend to think they’re just doing their jobs and it’s not like they actually take pleasure in watching people struggle with the mounds of snow they create.

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