Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
STA needs to be curbed

I see that the Spokane Transit Authority is proposing to cut eight routes and 18 drivers. I’m sure we will get lots of letters from bus riders who decry such a move, and I feel sorry for them, but the STA is a perfect example of an agency that spent our tax money like it was a never-ending gravy train. Remember when they built the grand Taj Mahal of a bus station downtown? They were not disciplined enough with our tax money to build a sensible building, but had to import lavish stonework and tropical plants.

There was a park and ride on Montgomery Avenue off of Pines Road that functioned perfectly, but they had to scrap that and instead build one a few blocks away that has nice lawns, etc. that must be maintained.

The list goes on and on including those extra long buses that seem to never have more than a couple of riders. The whole STA should be scrapped and start over with smaller vehicles that could get more people shuttled around at a cost we taxpayers can afford.

Howard Danielson
Spokane Valley

Do you agree? Disagree? Why? The ‘long bus’ on my route refered to by Mr. Danielson is always full, but its only used during peak times. Also, during our ‘Transportation Vision Project’ public discussions, it was suggested a couple times to use smaller buses on some routes that have lower rider numbers.

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