Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Enough to make a pedestrian cross

Walking to school should be easy enough. I live only a couple of blocks from Ferris High School, but every day I dread the task because of the monster between points A and B. It’s called the Thurston and Regal intersection.

It’s hard enough turning onto Regal in a car, but what’s worse is crossing it without a layer of metal and air bags between you and the speeding vehicles. Trust me when I say it’s not fun standing at the corner for over a minute waiting for a gap in traffic or a nice person who stops for pedestrians.

Once a woman was polite enough to stop, but then honked and yelled at me, “This is not a crosswalk!” It might as well be. A large number of people cross there every day, many of whom are high school students trying to get to school on time. This leads to students waiting for a gap in traffic so they can run to the lane dividers then run again to the school grounds.

Crosswalk indicators are necessary to protect pedestrians at the Thurston and Regal intersection if drivers continue to ignore them.

Sheridan Robak

I went to Ferris many, many, many (x20) years ago and it seems like the problems we had then still exist today, only probably worse because of the increased amount of traffic. Could this location be a candidate for a complete street treatment sometime in the future?

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