Letter to the Editor, Idaho Statesman
Drivers, use the bathroom

On recent road trips from Boise to eastern Idaho, central Oregon and southern California, I saw numerous plastic containers, soda bottles to gallon jugs, along the roadside, all filled with yellowish liquid.

Isn’t littering socially unacceptable? Is it OK to throw bottles containing urine along the road?

Public rest areas, gas stations, stores and other businesses with bathrooms can be found along all major highways. Don’t urinate in a bottle and throw the bottle out the window!

What health hazards from urine-filled bottles are public employees or volunteers exposed to during roadside litter collection?

Join me in a letter, e-mail, and Twitter campaign to our state health agencies, local legislators, the governor’s office, and the corporate offices of all commercial truck operations to stop this practice and hold responsible those that litter our roadways with urine-filled bottles.

When traveling, stop at a facility with a bathroom to urinate. If you have to use a bottle, empty the bottle in a bathroom when you get to one. Or empty the bottle in the dirt by the side of the road and deposit the bottle in the trash. Hold it, internally or externally, until you get to the can!


I couldn’t resist this letter to the editor of the Idaho Statesman. So who wants to join Mr. Drew’s campaign to put an end to urinating in bottles?

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