Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Rethink street construction

We need to have a moratorium on street construction until we can study what works, how people really use streets, and do it with an open mind rather than a set of preconceived ideas. Streets too hazardous will have to be modified. Some of the newer streets are frightening to drive down, much less to ride a bike, walk or run. There are streets in nearby communities that function better than those we have in Spokane now.

A street should fit the neighborhood instead of forcing neighborhoods to accept a street that’s incompatible. One size fits all doesn’t work. As in medicine, what may cure one patient will kill another.

Each neighborhood needs to have a design review committee. We would use the Neighborhood Councils and Steering Committees that already exist, and give the neighborhood coordinators expanded duties.

You never know where a good idea is going to come from. To say something can to be done only one way is closed-minded thinking. To not do something for fear of setting a precedent stifles progress. We need room to experiment, to try new ideas and question the old ones. This is how we can move forward in a positive manner.

Charlie Greenwood

While I agree with Mr. Greenwood that one kind of streets doesn’t always meet the needs of all users, I disagree with the idea of a moratorium. We can’t put off fixing our streets; many are already in such disrepair that they can’t wait for maintenance. Other thoughts on Mr. Greenwood’s letter?

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