Letters to the editor- Feb. 21
Europeans prevent potholes

Potholes! Am I surprised to see so many potholes? No. Do we make road builders guarantee their work? No again. Why can’t we learn from England and Europe? In England, according to Reader’s Digest, a 40-year life cycle cost analysis is required for all pavement designs. Europeans don’t have to worry about potholes like we do. They use the best materials scientific research dictates. The French mix their asphalt with quality additives such as rubber, carbon, polyethylene and a product called Novophalt.

Why are we living in the Dark Ages? You get what you pay for, and we keep paying for the same old potholes. Next year we can pay for them again. Why can’t we demand that they use the very best materials? For new construction, the federal government seems to require we use the lowest bid, but not on maintenance. We have driven over 3,500 miles in Europe and not one pothole.

Wilma Stork

So what do you think? I’ve never been to Europe or researched their roads, is Wilma right?

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