Coeur d’Alene Press Letter to the Editor
Spokane: No Place For Drivers.

Next time you complain about our local speed traps, or taxes spent on our local Idaho police departments, please do a reality check. Take a drive over to Spokane and remind yourself why we live in Idaho.

Anarchy rules in Spokane. Traffic laws are not enforced; there is no need to signal a turn, stay under the speed limit, or follow any rules at all. If your house is burglarized the police don’t come to your house to check on it; they tell you to get in touch with your insurance company. Crime and gangs run the roost. I challenge anyone to find a police officer in Spokane.

This is what happens when you cut police jobs every time there’s a pinch in the budget. Spokane city leaders would rather lay off police than their own staff; God forbid they might have to do some work themselves. I don’t think I have ever seen a city in more trouble and so mismanaged as Spokane is. I thank God that I live in a city that values its police department.

Coeur d’Alene

Wow Mr. Willard, next time tell us how you really feel, don’t hold back. I’ve seen some blatant red light running, a lot of tailgating and some generally bad behavior, but isn’t ‘Anarchy rules in Spokane’ somewhat of an overstatement? Besides, I’ve seen the same behavior in North Idaho. What do you think; are Spokane drivers animals behind the wheel?

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