Smaller than a combine
Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor

I ride a bicycle on “narrow winding country roads” because I like to. I go for the scenery of this beautiful region. I am not trying to make a point, improve my health, nor save on my fuel bill. I just like to ride. I do NOT ride a bicycle to get in the way or to purposefully irritate anyone.

Mr. Wright (Letters, June 19) said, “bicyclists insist on disregarding safety for themselves and others.” What does a bicyclist do that would disregard others’ safety? How much damage can I do? (me and my bike weigh less than 200 pounds). As far as my own safety, right or wrong, I get hurt in a collision. I don’t like that, so I try to avoid it.

Farm implements travel down these same roads at bicycle speeds. They are much larger and harder to pass than a bike. I wonder if that is a problem for Mr. Wright?

For some reason, Mr. Wright is simply inconvenienced by bicycles. Life is inconvenient, delays abound. I don’t mind sharing the road with him.

These are PUBLIC rights of way upon which I will ride until I am no longer part of the public.

Tomás Kelley Lynch

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