Spokesman-Review Letters To The Editor
Time to revisit light rail

It is time for a new vote to authorize the STA to begin study and planning of a light rail system to serve the future transportation needs of the Spokane region. The negative vote of several years ago, taken without sufficient education of the public in the value of a light rail system and before the recent spikes in the price of gasoline, must be overturned as a first step towards such a system.
I further suggest that those in favor of light rail for Spokane need to, whenever possible, speak up and to prepare themselves to do so. We need to familiarize ourselves with the arguments used in opposition, as these seem to be the same in every city where light rail has been proposed.
For those with access to the Internet, a good place to begin is at www.lightrailnow.org, where there is a comprehensive study of such arguments, along with refutations and links to much more information.
Now is the time for supporters of light rail to begin to educate themselves and others to help lead Spokane to a modern transportation system.

David Henry Tiffany

The new transportation bill in the works supposedly puts a lot of emphasis on rail transport. Word around here though is that STA is leaning toward Bus Rapid Transit in the short term, and possibly light rail in the long term. What’s your opinion on this topic, what is the best way to go?

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