Letters to the Spokesman-Review Editor
Send out a pothole patrol

The city’s policy of having citizens “call in” pothole locations is ludicrous. The caller is required to know the exact location of the pothole, which requires one to note the block number and the cross street, which in turn for most of us requires stopping the vehicle and finding paper and pencil to record the location and then make the call.

Come on, Mayor Mary, give us a break. Why can’t the city initiate a “pothole patrol” which would prioritize the main artery potholes, e.g., Maple Street Bridge, major intersections, etc.? The “neighborhood” pothole call-ins would remain the responsibility of those living in the affected neighborhoods. Surely this would decrease the city’s response time, especially on high-traffic streets.

My final thought is that some knowledgeable city employee needs to make an accurate pre-winter estimate of how many tons of patching material need to be on hand to get the job done. Let’s start taking this annual problem seriously for a change.

Carl Smith

So do you agree with Mr. Smith or do you feel that the pothole hotline is an effective way to identify the location of offending holes?

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