Jeff from our office is home sick today, but apparently not too sick to surf the web and send methis article, along with a note saying, ‘At $140 a tank, I am going to start saving my urine now.’ And even worse, the tagline for this article is ‘Mazda’s latest four-wheel-drive likes a wee drink.’

That’s right folks, it’s the first car to use a urine-like solution to reduce tailpipe emmissions. So what, exactly, is a ‘urine-like solution?’ According to the article, it’s a special man-made liquid similar to human urine to reduce emissions of oxides of nitrogen (NOx). The compound, called AdBlue, is a mixture of roughly one-third pure urea and two-thirds demineralised water.

Before I get in trouble here for posting anything questionable (more questionable than the above anyway), I’m going to say, just read the article and tell me if you’d buy this car.

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