Ever wonder how U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood got his start in transportation? Well, maybe you’re not as much of a transportation nerd as I am. Those who read this blog regularly know that I have a fascination with Mr. LaHood. Specializing in public outreach, its hard for me not to admire what Ray (I like to pretend like I know him personally and call him by his first name) has done with his position; how visible he has made it. Can anyone name who preceded him? Yeah, me neither. That’s because his predecessors never went to the lengths that LaHood has to get the word out there about the state of transportation in our country, the latest happenings in transportation, and what his office is doing to improve it.

In this month’s ‘On the Go’ video, Ray answers some of your transportation questions, and talks about how he got started in his career field. Plus he has a little advice for those trying to get into the field. Who knows- maybe you could be the next Secretary of Transportation.

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