News release from the City of Spokane Engineering Department:


The City of Spokane needs the help of citizens to have a safe, successful, and efficient construction season.

This year, the City is planning more than $18 million worth of construction projects. These projects are designed to maintain and enhance public infrastructure for the benefit of all, but they also can be frustrating for motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

As you move about through the City this summer, Spokane Police and engineers request the following assistance:

Obey construction speed limits. The speed limits are set to help ensure the safety of construction workers and limit damage to vehicles driving through construction zones.
Follow marked detours. Using neighborhood streets to avoid traffic backups on a detour route can lead to safety risks for children and others living in our neighborhoods.
Don’t drive past construction barricades. Barricades are put up to protect the public. Hazards in a construction zone may not be obvious, and crews driving loud, heavy equipment can’t hear approaching vehicles, let alone cyclists or pedestrians.
Report vandalism, speeding or reckless driving at construction sites. Call the Police Traffic Hotline at 625-4150 or 9-1-1 in emergencies.

“Working together, we can improve safety for citizens and construction workers while delivering a product that everyone can be proud of,” says Eldon Brown, the City’s Acting Director of Engineering Services.

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