Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Studs’ day has passed

The April 2 story on studded tires understated the cost of the damage to our roads by the use of studs in winter tires. A study in 2006 by the Washington state Department of Transportation stated that the average cost on just concrete state highways is $18 million per year. Since there are five times the miles of asphalt state roads and adding in the city and county road damage we may be approaching $100 million of damage per year. Can we, the taxpayers, afford this?

With the advancements in new-car technology of traction control, ABS brakes, all-wheel drive and other features, do we need the old technology of studs? Besides, the new soft-rubber snow tires will outperform studded tires in all conditions except glare ice, and how often do we have that?

There are seven states that have banned the use of studded winter tires. Four of these are Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Illinois, all northern-tier states. They get far more ice than we and have no rutted roads. The tire dealers have lobbied against the ban for years but people that buy dedicated winter tires will find that the new soft rubber tires are superior replacements.

Joe Tortorelli
Secretary, Spokane Area Good Roads Association
Spokane Valley

Thanks Joe, ’nuff said!

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