Along with our Board and the Transportation Technical and Transportation Advisory committees, SRTC staff had the opportunity yesterday to interview three candidates for the Executive Director position available here. We were VERY impressed with all three candidates and I personally feel we would be fine with any of the three. All are currently employed at other Metropolitan Planning Organizations and have extensive knowledge of the MPO’s role, and the direction they would like to take it. Here are some things I picked up on:

– One candidate mentioned that SRTC’s biggest drawback, and I completely agree, is our lack of visibility. The average person in the community isn’t familiar with SRTC and some of our partners aren’t even sure exactly what we do day-to-day. Luckily we’re working on that through a variety of outreach methods.

– One candidate was extremely animated and cracked me up with a story of asking her current Board for a job review. She says she asked for them to provide some input so they could ‘stop me before I run amuck.’

– I asked another candidate how he would move forward the recommendations in SRTC’s
Transportation Vision Project as there are concerns that it will become just another study that gets quoted now and then. The candidate said he has a term for that. Familiar with ‘shovel ready?’ Well, his term for studies like that is ‘shelf ready’ and he would do his best to keep the Vision Project from becoming shelf ready by keeping it in front of the Board as much as possible.

Like I said, we were very impressed with all three candidates and pleased to hear some of our personal concerns addressed by them before we even brought them up. SRTC’s Board is expected to make an offer to one of the candidates next week. I will keep you updated.

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