A reminder that we’re still looking for input on SRTC’s updated Public Participation Plan (PPP).┬áThe PPP documents how SRTC reaches out to members of the public to keep them informed about our planning activities. That includes the documents we produce and how we share each with the public, the technology used to do so (websites, social media, visualizations, etc.), some of the populations we make an extra effort to reach (those traditionally underserved by transportation including those living in poverty, people with disabilities, minorities, etc.) and the timeline when some of our major documents (Metropolitan Transportation Plan and Transportation Improvement Program) our produced and made official.

Our question is- are we missing anything? Are we going about our outreach in the right way? Do you have other suggestions? Check out the PPP at the link below and let us know your thoughts- either in the comments here or by emailing contact.srtc@srtc.org.

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