The City of Spokane is asking for public feedback about reconstructing Sprague Avenue through the University District. It will replace pavement, sidewalks, and utilities with updates to sewer, stormwater and water utilities as well.  

The project boundary are Sprague Avenue between Bernard and Scott Street.  Pavement in this area was last repaired in 1985 and some utilities were installed over 100 years ago. 

This reconstruction project opens up the opportunity to rethink how Sprague Avenue serves citizens.  Currently, west of Sherman Street, the road has narrow travel lanes and parking and drivers often use the sidewalk to park, blocking it for pedestrians and creating unsafe conditions.  The proposed options for Sprague Avenue will re-use the space of either a travel lane or a parking lane to widen the remaining lanes and sidewalk to create a better serving roadway and keep the sidewalks open and safe for pedestrians.

An online presentation of the project has images that show the options and alternatives.  There is a public survey at the end of the presentation.  The survey will be open through April 28.

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