If you took part in the City of Spokane’s “Commute of the Century” rides during Bike to Work Week two weeks ago, City staff is looking for your input if you haven’t provided it already. Commute of the Century was a group ride and/or self-guided tour. Rides were held during the lunch hour each day of the week May 12-16 then participants were asked to take a survey on the bicycle infrastructure they encountered during the rides.

The purpose of the rides was to not only bring the community together for a fun and educational event, but also to gather public opinion regarding the quality of service provided by our bicycle infrastructure. This feedback will be used to direct transportation planning in the future, especially planning for non-motorized transportation.

So if you rode any of the routes and didn’t fill out the survey, please do so now. You can find it on the Commute of the Century web page here.

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