What’s up Idaho? Our neighbor to the east was recently named the fourth most dangerous state for driving in snow, according to the Spokesman-Review.

SafeWise, a website for home security and safety advice, used data from 2016 to determine that there were 11 reported car crashes resulting in at least one fatality in Idaho caused by snow. The report also said an Idaho driver has a 0.66 percent chance, per 100,000 people, of being in a fatal crash due to snow.

In comparison, Washington ranked 36th most dangerous for winter driving with six reported fatality crashes due to the snow, and just a 0.083 percent chance of a fatal crash in the snow.

Wyoming is the most dangerous state for driving in snow, with nine fatality crashes reported in 2016. There is a 1.54 percent chance of a fatal crash in the Wyoming snow, according to the report.

So how to keep from getting in a collision in the snow? The first thing law enforcement officials always recommend is slowing down. Next, be sure to allow sufficient following and stopping distances. And good snow tires can be a huge help as well.

What was surprising about the report though? It indicated there were about five times as many fatal car crashes nationwide in rain as in snow. October is the worst month for both rain and snow-related crashes, the report said.







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