Spokesman-Review Letter to the Editor
Too Many Fees

Once again, the politicos have stomped on the will of the people. Didn’t we, in fact, vote for $30 vehicle license tabs?
Now, we have a filing fee in addition to the road construction and maintenance fee, a vehicle weight fee? Does that include overweight people? How does my motorcycle compare to a fully loaded pickup or RV? Shouldn’t a weight fee be based on the actual weight of the vehicle?
Then a license service fee to support the computer system (I bet you thought that computers were saving us money) and a Transportation Benefit District fee (sounds like double jeopardy to me). And, of course, asking for a parks donation (good luck with that!).
Please note that I did purchase a Discover Pass on my own.

Tim Eyman, help! Where are you? We need someone to tackle these fees.
Wendell Smith

Thoughts? Comments?

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