If you’re travelling for the Memorial Day weekend, you’ll be glad to know that most construction work shuts down by noon on Friday in anticipation of incrased holiday traffic.

While no work will be going on, I-90 just west of downtown Spokane will continue to be reduced to two narrow lanes in each direction and I-90 about 10 miles east of downtown Spokane has narrow lanes on temporary pavement. US 395 just north of Spokane will remain reduced to one lane in each direction for about a half mile. Southbound US 2 just north of Spokane in the vicinity of the North Spokane corridor freeway interchange is reduced to one lane.

If you’re heading to the west side of the state, I90 east of Snoqualmie Pass will have two lanes open in both directions.

Locally, all government offices and services will be closed on Monday for the holiday. In the City of Spokane, parking meters don’t have to be plugged that day either.

Tomorrow is my ‘flex’ day off, so there will be a long blogging holiday unless it rains all weekend and I get bored and blog from home. Otherwise blogging resumes Tuesday, along with all other government work.

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