Here’s my embarrassing moment of the week: I walked out of the office this evening and saw the bus coming. The stop is about a block away so I started running. Luckily someone else was getting on that bus too, so it stopped and I got just a few feet away when my shoe flew off and went under the bus!

I asked the driver to pull forward or back up because my shoe was under the bus and he looked at me like I was a moron (probably a good assessment on his part at that point). He cranked the wheels to one side to pull away from the curb and right over my shoe! Another guy standing at the bus stop starting yelling ‘Stop! You’re crushing it! Back up!’ I don’t think the driver cared though cause he rolled forward all the way over it. The other guy at the stop grabbed it for me and we laughed hysterically as I tried to put on the crushed shoe, then jumped on the bus and tried to swipe my pass. I, and everyone else on the bus, was laughing so hard at that point I could hardly do it. Except the driver. He was obviously NOT amused.

I managed to reshape the shoe for the most part but it’s a lot worse for wear. It pinches my heel something awful now so I think this pair will be retired.

Update: I received an email from Joel at STA who said, ‘I’ll keep my eyes peeled for a new pair in the lost and found. Size/color preference?’

That’s Joel for you- always trying to keep his customers happy.

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