Now that it’s clearer how much of the $787 billion economic stimulus package funding Washington State will get, we’ve been getting tons of questions about where it will be used.

We now know that Washington will receive $492 million in federal transportation money and SRTC is responsible for allocating $10.4 million of it to local government agencies for transportation projects in Spokane County.

On February 25, SRTC held a special meeting of its Transportation Technical Committee (TTC) to discuss and recommend specific transportation projects for stimulus funding. Potential projects had been identified in December by a group consisting of staff from area government agencies and elected officials. Here is that list of projects.

Projects under consideration needed to be regionally significant, geographically distributed among the regions of Spokane County, and ready to go out to advertisement within 120 days of the state receiving the stimulus money, expected to be sometime the week of March 2.

Approximately nine projects made the TTC’s short list to receive stimulus funding. A memo is being prepared to inform the SRTC Board of the chosen projects. Until then, the project list will not be released. The Board will consider the recommended list of projects at their regularly-scheduled meeting on March 12.

When the Board approves the final list of projects, jurisdictions receiving stimulus money will be required to advertise the projects for contractor bidding within 120 days.

We’ll post the list of chosen projects when the Board is notified next week.

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