We know you’re busy. You not only work or go to school, but run the kids to soccer practice and math club, walk the dog, cook dinner, pack lunches, go to the gym, pay the bills, clean the house, shovel the walk, etc. etc. Which is why less and less people have time/energy to attend public meetings. Which is why Spokane Transit’s most recent open house is a public meeting I can really get behind. That’s because it’s an online open house. That’s right, you can sit there in your underwear drinking a Bud Light and let the good folks at STA know what stations for the upcoming Central City Line should look like.

Here’s how to take part: go to this link. Look through the well-organized info, then go the “provide feedback” tab, click on a station, check it out on the map, and make a comment. That’s it. Super easy. And you can do it while waiting for the kids are in the bath or while waiting for the dog to do his business. No excuses.

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