Okay, I am seriously considering buying one of these motors for one of my bikes. It just adds a little more convenience to the long commute. I commute from Post Falls to downtown Spokane daily and when I take my bike, I usually take the bus for a portion of the trip to save time.

But last month I had a bus driver tell me she was going to refuse to take my bike because the wheel base is a little longer that an ordinary bike and it doesn’t fit completely down in the carrier rack. Even though I have been riding the bus with that bike for most of this year without any problems at all, she wasn’t hearing it.

If I buy one of these motors, I won’t need STA. I could still cut my time down when I need to or I can choose to pedal all the way home when I have the time. Sure, it’ll add some weight to the bike, but the motor has an independent drive system so it won’t drag you down if you still want to pedal…I’ll keep you posted on this.

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