I just got the word that there’s a happy ending to an issue I was having so I can blog about it now. I recently bought a new used car. I call it my first ‘adult car’ because it’s the newest car I’ve ever had and it’s nice and respectable unlike my former beaters.

I never used to get my car washed because I didn’t really care how it looked and didn’t like blowing $7 on something I could do at home with the hose for free. With the new one though I thought I should keep the grime to a minimum and had a free car wash coupon, so I took it to a local car wash Tuesday night.

I followed the ‘pull forward’ sign as directed into the tunnel that makes up the car wash. The sign kept saying to go forward so I did. Just as I’m about to pull out the other side, the car wash kicks into gear and hits my car from behind! I started the car, jumped the little bump thing that’s supposed to keep you locked in the car wash and drove out. Too late though, there was a dent in my car!

Happy ending though because I just talked to the car wash owner who was very, very nice and made arrangements to have it fixed. For some reason I was expecting to have a fight on my hands, but I guess customer service isn’t dead after all. Yay, car wash dude! Thanks for your concern and making it easy to remedy the situation.

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