Want to get involved in Complete Streets for Spokane at a grassroots level? NextUp Spokane is holding a strategic planning session tonight at 6pm in the 2nd floor conference room of the Saranac Building. They’re looking for ‘artists, thinkers, bikers, drivers, walkers, and people that breathe oxygen’ to help advance their campaign.

Not familiar with NextUp Spokane? I wasn’t either. According to their website, they’re a new grassroots network of civic-minded young people who are coming together to take on generational apathy. The site says the group is made up of teens, twenty-somethings and ‘even people in their early thirties’ (so that’s why I wasn’t informed) forming a loose-knit organization to help each other become the most effective community leaders they can be.

They officially approved Complete Streets Spokane as their first issue campaign, but plan to promote it in their own unique way: with I ♥ Complete Streets Spokane t-shirts, a Complete Streets Spokane Ride to highlight the need for safe streets and a ‘summer-long guerrilla art escapade through downtown Spokane.’ Well this should be fun. I’ll keep you updated.

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